As I mentioned, the camera died.

I put it down Thursday night. When I picked it up Friday morning, it took photos with dozens of thin white lines across the image, and/or overexposed the whole thing. Quick research pulled up the likelihood of a faulty CCD image sensor.

I called Canon this morning. It was out of warranty, they said, so they couldn’t do anything except direct me to open a repair request online for an estimate. I filled in all the info required, and was told that to repair this camera, it would cost us at least $99, plus tax, and shipping.

Really. For another $50, I could buy a new camera under warranty.

So this morning I dove back into the world of researching digital cameras. And I am considering running weeping from the room, because I am remembering with horror the last time I did this, and how confusing it all was, how unreliable reviews were, and how hard it is translate words into the actual use of a physical object. Two hours, and I’m ready to hide under some pillows.

All I’m looking for is a point and shoot, with the most important things being low shutter lag and decent shot-to-shot time (both with and without flash). I want something with a manual mode as well as presets, which takes good indoor and outdoor photos. We loved our Olympus Stylus before it dove off a shelf and killed itself; our Canon Powershot was a bit slow and clunky, which made things frustrating with a kid around. If anyone has suggestions, I’m open to hearing your opinions about your cameras, both the good and the bad.

6 thoughts on “Woes

  1. Ceri

    Ann mentioned offering the loan of hers, and you’re welcome to try mine to see if it has the features you want. It’s a simple point-and-click Canon, and you’re welcome to borrow it for a while.

  2. Ceri

    Looks like what I have is the Canon PowerShot a480, so the link above would be to the newest edition of that. It’s probably close enough for trying out, and you can check the differences in-store.


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