… we get our tree after school!

Of course, first I have to get through half of this project, and spin the rest of Jan’s yarn, but still! Tree!

The boy is having a hard time understanding why we’re not decorating it till tomorrow, though. I’ve explained the need to let a real tree rest in the stand so the branches relax properly, but he doubts me; I imagine he suspects me of just dragging the whole thing out to torture him. Anyway, before we decorate tomorrow evening, there’s a visit to Santa for the boy, shopping for me, and a flu shot for HRH that has to happen after school. HRH and I will order sushi, as is our tree-decorating tradition, and the boy will probably have chicken nuggets, although I will offer him hosomaki as I always do, and maybe ebi nigirizushi.

Now, I will make more tea, get the first load of laundry going, and get to work.

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