Mohair Dyeing Experiment #2

One ounce of 70% mohair/30% merino:

ETA: (Hmm. In daylight the colours aren’t that vivid. The above is kind of what I was going for; the actual colours are a lot more neutral and less saturated, like this:)

All the dyes need more brown in them. Yellows and reds take up so much faster than greens; I’m going to have to weaken the rust and gold solutions and intensify the green dye. Also, next time I try this colourway, I’m going to put green between the rust and gold sections as well, so a bright orange doesn’t result from the gold and rust blending. (A not unpleasant effect, but not what I was going for.) As much fun as I’m having with the Wilton’s gel colours, I’m looking forward to being able to measure out dye powder and blend it with a set amount of water to get a reliable solution.

I also got a repeat of my goddaughter’s wrap done last night, and yesterday I did a light edit on eighty pages of my Poppy book (which, to my astonishment, I do not hate; although I suspect I will fall less in love with it as I get closer to the end of what’s there and realise that I have to decide how to finish it properly, after six years). I got an assignment last night, though, so I know what I’m doing for the rest of the week: it’s a 180K-word general fiction title to evaluate. I’m hoping it’s above average for a quick report…

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