Purple Mohair Update

Well, this is nice. I was worried that the mohair would get stiff when spun and plied this tightly, but I am pleased to be wrong. It’s not silk, or even Corriedale, but it’s not awful. It feels very sturdy, and it looks quite good. I don’t think I’d spin an entire project of sock yarn out of this (or rather, I don’t think I’d want to wear a sock made completely out of this yarn) but I’d probably wear a sock knit from yarn made of this plied with something else. So for what it’s worth: 0.2 oz/5 grams of hand-dyed 70% mohair/30% merino, chain-plied into light fingering weight yarn (that’s the orifice threading hook I made for myself this morning above the yarn):

For those who were interested in how the colour split in the dyeing process, yielding the pale purple, hints of blue, and touches of pink, here you go: this is what the variations look like spun up and chain-plied:

I have got to start remembering to throw the penny into the pictures for size comparison again.

3 thoughts on “Purple Mohair Update

  1. Ceri

    I’d knit that.

    (Love the subtle shades in the closeup. Some of it almost looks slightly aquamarine. Is that accurate?)

    And it’s great to see how your yarn is becoming more and more even throughout as you go!

  2. Autumn Post author

    I wouldn’t call it aquamarine; I think that’s a highlight from the flash. There’s lavender and lilac and violet and the oh-so-descriptive ‘medium purple’ in it.

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