If I were a mage, there are two things I’d invent immediately.

One: Self-cleaning dishes. Coming home after a week’s vacation to a sink of dirty dishes is bad. I don’t not enjoy washing dishes, I dislike having to wash them.

Two: Self-cleaning clothes. Doing laundry is expensive and time-consuming. Worse, though, is the Eternal Laundry Basket Curse all my clothes seem to be laden with: Where’s my brown shirt? Where are my jeans? Wait, I know – the laundry basket, because when I finally washed them, I didn’t have the energy to put them away in drawers where they’re supposed to go. At least they’re folded.

I found a copy of Bridget Jones’s Diary in a second-hand bookshop yesterday, started reading it on the way home, and finished it yesterday mid-afternoon. Brilliant. Now I have to see the movie, because in the book Bridget suggests doing a TV journalism piece on the off-screen romance between Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, the stars of the BBC Pride & Predjudice, and of course, Colin Firth is in the movie version of BJD, playing another Mr. Darcy. Look! Inter-media reference! I love it!

And for those who have not heard the news, we have the new car; the albatross is no longer in our possession!