Standing Still

Lowest voter turnout ever. Well, since 1898. I’m disgusted.

We spent election night drinking Quebec ice cider, Nova Scotia beer, local venison-cranberry pate, and baked local Brie. How much more Canadian can you get?

Far more interesting than the Official Federal Election In Which Nothing Happened was the Student Vote program, a project designed to educate children and teenagers about the election process and the structure of government. Students assessed platforms, debated, listened to candidates who were willing to meet them, and finally ‘voted’ and ‘elected’ 100 Conservative seats, 66 NDP seats, 54 Liberal seats, 44 Green seats, and 24 Bloc seats. Take a good look, people; these are tomorrow’s voters.

In other news, we had an absolutely lovely weekend with my parents. The weather was lovely; the food was incredible (as always). The only drawback was Liam coming down with a cold and his first case of conjunctivitis, which we caught right at the beginning before it got bad and thus was cleared up before we left for home. (Well, okay, there was that other drawback of having to wade through two hours of traffic to get out of Montreal, and experience so awful that we came very close to turning around and going home. Except to go home would have taken us the same amount of time that continuing to get out of the city would take. You know, that whole ‘I am in blood stepped in so far, that should I wade no more, returning were as tedious as go o’er’ thing. And had it taken any longer there very well might have been blood.)

Naturally I have the cold now too, and mine are always worse than the boy’s. It’s like he amps them as he passes them along. He stayed home yesterday and we ran errands together. “We’re going to vote for the government!” he told everyone with great excitement when we went to the bank, the grocery store, the place where I bought pants, and where he got his hair cut. The actual voting was anti-climatic for him though once he’d helped me find the polling booth by number (although he kept trying to steer me toward 126 instead of 136). We were in a school gymnasium, and he was very distracted by the climbing bars and the benches against the wall. I voted very quickly in order to lunge and catch him before he got more than a foot off the ground and up those bars.

After a very overcast day, the sun broke through for the most glorious autumnal end of afternoon glow. There was a warm wind all day. It was a beautiful full moon last night, and when we lit our Happy Full Moon candle at the altar before the boy’s bedtime he chirped, “Thank you, Goddess, for all the things in the world!”

Also, I found three pairs of jeans that fit me that were all on sale. And I only have to hem one of them.

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  1. Ceri

    It occurs to me, belatedly, that I missed the opportunity to post my recipe for Tory Pudding with Liberal sauce to Recipe Trade.

    Aah well. Next election.


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