Orchestrated Update

New words today: 4,035
Total word count, Orchestrated: 14,646

You see? This is what I can do when I walk away from the Internet-enabled desktop and work on the borrowed iBook in the living room.

Worked some plot-advancement stuff, character stuff, something like five new scenes, and OMG bang there we are at the next major plot upset that forces the protagonist to prepare for battle.

I feel really, really good. And I swear I just opened the file thinking, All I have to do is five hundred words. Five hundred words now, maybe five hundred words later, and that will be a thousand, and that’s good for the day. Except two hours and a half later, there are four thousand new words, and eep.

Ye gods. Things are a quarter of the way along. Where’s a word meter? I need a word meter for this entry.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
14,646 / 60,000

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