It Figures

Someone gets a really good picture of me at the last orchestra concert… and I’m not playing my cello.

Because if I’m not playing, I’m marking up my music in the desperate hope that a new fingering added half an hour before the concert begins will actually help. Sigh.

3 thoughts on “It Figures

  1. paze

    Yeah, but if you’re like me, you take the great photos where and when you can get them.

    And it *is* a really good picture; and, at least, there is a cello in the background, even if it isn’t yours.

  2. Bodhi

    Ohh, pretty. And I wondered where the new glasses were but then realized Canada Day was before they came. I’m so confused.

    It’s quite autumnal here today. Do you like autumn as much as I do , Autumn?

    I’ve been so out of touch following what’s happening here. I blame the link to LJ and family wierdness. Hope you and yours are well.


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