Since I don’t know if HRH is going to get around to announcing it: we’ll be picking up our new-to-us car late tomorrow afternoon. It’s a 2004 Saturn Ion 2, black sedan, with A/C and a CD player that will be replaced by the one I bought a year and a half ago, because mine plays MP3s and the factory-installed one does not. It’s an automatic, which is slightly sad because I love driving a five-speed stick shift, but the manual transmission has been tiring me out thanks to the fibro and it’s only going to get worse. HRH’s knees are unhappy most of the time too, so the less pedal work required the better for both of us.

Also, it has a sunroof. Not a selling point, but a pleasant bonus nonetheless.

Liam gets his new car seat at the same time, which has been sitting in the garage for a month. He tested it out when we test-drove the car last week and approves. So do we; it takes a lot less effort to get him in and out of it. Plus it has cupholders, which excites him. I think today is the last day I’ll be driving our trusty 1999 SW1.

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