My Resident Fan Club

BLADE: I moved to play my DS into the room above you the other night when I realised you were playing your cello.

HRH: Yeah, it sounded pretty good, you know.

A: You heard me? Both on the floor above and below? I was playing with a heavy practice mute!

HRH: Your end pin is a sound conductor. I was sitting at the other end of the basement and I heard it just fine.

A: I can’t believe this. For some arcane reason I feel moved to play scales and then a nasty Dotzauer etude full of evil little shifts, and you guys think it sounds good and want to hear more?

BLADE: I wondered if it would be acceptable to bang on the floor and yell, “Play louder!”

3 thoughts on “My Resident Fan Club

  1. bodhi

    Amongst most “boys” I know I’ve known there are certain things they’d look for in a woman they’d like to date. Red hair, a certain build, or things like that. One of the things I’d look other than if she wore glasses and if she read an eclectic enough assortment of books? Does she play cello? Something about a woman that plays cello, especially if she plays well! heaven.

  2. bodhi

    Of course I meant one of the things I’d look for. Damn blog won’t let me see what I’m typing at work.

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