Grr and Bus Rides

I have a bee in my bonnet about getting a particular gift for an upcoming child. I want this toy because Liam adored it, and every parent who saw it thought it was great.

I cannot find it in stores to save my life. I have been looking for a month.

Now, when I first started looking for Liam’s I had a similar problem, but I eventually found it. This time? Nada. Actually, it’s worse — I finally found one at a TRU last week but the box had been badly destroyed, and it’s for a gift, so no way. Went back today thinking that I could ditch the box and do the gift bag thing — and it’s gone. Fisher Price has a whole new line out, and I think the toy I want has been discontinued, replaced by something similar but annoying with batteries in the new line. I can’t even find it listed on the FP website. (The Link-a-Doos line seems to have been replaced by Miracles & Milestones — have I mentioned my resistance to battery-powered toys?) Even eBay is failing me.

I hate it when things like this happen. You think and think and think and you come up with the perfect idea, and then boom — your solution vanishes due to circumstances beyond your control.

Back to the drawing board.

On the other hand, I already have one of the gifts for a baby who is not scheduled to appear for another six months. So I suppose these balance one another out.

In other news, Liam and I took the bus out to shop this morning, and he loved it so much that he asked throughout the shopping trip, “Bus? More bus?”. On the ride over he called it a “school bus”, and when I corrected him he told people importantly as they got on, “City bus. Hello people.” He pointed out the light above the back door every time it went on, and told me that it was green; he told me people were sitting, riding the bus; he pointed himself out in the mirror and made faces at me and laughed. And again I am astonished at how helpful some people can be when strollers are involved on public transport, and how understanding they are when the bus is full and your stroller is pretty much blocking the door because there’s nowhere else for you to go. Thank you, anonymous patrons of public transport, for your patience and understanding and willingness to inch your way around the stroller, and for leaping to help dislodge jammed wheels. Mothers and their stroller-bound children everywhere are deeply grateful.

Okay; the boy’s been napping for two and a half hours. Either the trip out this morning tired him more than I thought, or he’s plotting something.

3 thoughts on “Grr and Bus Rides

  1. Kino Kid

    You should post the second to last paragraph on the montreal community with your livejournal account. There are a lot of people who read who use mass transit.

    Liam’s adorable.


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