Scratch Pad May 4


Gah. Another night of 4 1/2 hours of sleep. Liam woke up at quarter to six, which is better than yesterday’s five-thirty. It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t working in the evenings at home, too, and going to bed late.


Oh, thank gods — the file mailed correctly and arrived here safe and sound. I don’t know what I would have done if it hadn’t arrived or had arrived corrupted somehow. Cried inside and gone home to work on it, I suppose.


Happy birthday, John David!


Wow. The French dictionary team is having a worse time than I’ve had; their structure is much more rigid.


Hee hee hee — I was just a guinea pig for the Wii remote, as I am “someone not of a technological bent”. I got to test some movement values. It was a pink remote, which amuses me immensely.


I am aghast. This dictionary still uses the no longer academically accepted BC/AD abbreviations, instead of the BCE/CE.


Eating (a surprisingly good) lunch at my desk, having regretfully cancelled a lunch date with the guitarist from Invisible (I know, I know — I can hear the band’s fans screaming in disbelief) because I want to make sure this is done and handed in by five. If I’m not done today, everyone else gets backed up too. When I went downstairs to get my sandwich there were a pair of guitarists practicing in the cafe, playing some really nice laid-back warm afternoon coffeehouse-type jazz. Made me wish I didn’t have to come back upstairs to work.


Ceri sent me to see this picture. Maybe that’s how this dictionary got so awful.


Overheard: “Screw the washing machine, get the PS3.”


Starting to go a bit wonky. I’ll take a short walk when it’s done. I have another 150 words to find definitions for; four hundred down. Drive! Drive!


It will never end. Every time I run a check I lose words, so I have to sift through the removed ones to find some to put back in, or tweak them to make them usable. I rebalance the totals. The I run my next check, and I lose more. It’s on ongoing cascade effect that wil keel mee dedd. *headdesk*


Still here. Am bitter and determined now. It will be done today, damn it.



(also? Nice overtime this week. Go me.)

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