Mailbox Joy!

Not one, but two cheques!

Payment for work done is a lovely thing. That’s one of the hard things about this business: you put in a lot of work, and only see a lump sum somewhere down the line. These aren’t large, but any money is good money.

Not as lovely was the parcel pick-up slip in the mailbox. The postman didn’t even bother to ring. It’s dated Friday, when I was home all day; the time is marked only “PM”; and the ‘other’ box is checked as the reason. At least s/he had the decency to not claim the delivery was attempted but no one was home. Likely s/he was running late and decided to drop the last parcels at the postal counter instead of actually trying to deliver them. Whatever — it is the lovely lovely black velvet Edwardian-style jacket I got for a song on eBay! Huzzah! I will pick it up tomorrow on a walk with the boy.

Full weekend: a thoroughly enjoyable show of The Mikado on Friday night, brunch out on Saturday with the Preston-Leblancs, brunch in on Sunday morning, psankya egg-decorating early Sunday afternoon, a great visit out to spend time with Karine, Adam, and boys late Sunday afternoon, and an excellent, excellent Sinfonia concert Sunday night. My view of the celli was blocked by the person in front of me, and I found I could appreciate the music as a whole more since I wasn’t watching what the cellists were doing. I wasn’t ‘working’, in other words. Now if I could just switch that analysis mode off at will when I’m reading books….

4 thoughts on “Mailbox Joy!

  1. Ceri

    Just like sitting where you can’t see the cellists, with books you just have to read where you can’t see the author.

    If you ever figure out how, do let me know.


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