Come On, Mama, Keep Up

I am about to engage in the most mommy-blogging of mommyblogging, so feel free to skip this. If it had happened six hours earlier it would have been part of the twenty-month post.

The local toy emporium is having a sale this week on potties, and so we picked one up on Saturday to put aside for toilet training when it eventually comes around. We unpacked it and put it in the bathroom so the boy could get used to having it around. He crawled all over it and was very excited about it.

Last night after his bath I asked him if he wanted to sit on it, thinking it would be a good habit to get into with no pressure. “No point,” said HRH as the boy obligingly settled himself down. “He went before the bath.”

And then we looked at one another as we heard the distinct sound of Liam doing precisely what one does on a potty. The boy looked very pleased with himself, and we cheered.

This morning when he got up I asked him if he wanted to change his diaper or use the potty. “Potty!” he said immediately with an excited nod. It may have actually worked, too, if he hadn’t bounced right back up again after sitting down, saying “cold!”. Looks like we’ll have to keep the heat on in the bathroom at night now.

So there you have it: it appears that toilet training has begun, although it wasn’t planned. Once again, this child moves faster than we expected him to move. Next thing we know he’ll be telling us that the crib is passe, and can he have the car keys, please?

4 thoughts on “Come On, Mama, Keep Up

  1. Karine

    Here’s hoping the novelty of it will not wear off for Liam, and that he will be wearing big boy underwear soon!

    I wish Matthieu would get that the way to keep a training pant clean is to actually pee in the potty or toilet… not protest that no, the diaper IS clean, I don’t want to remove it. *groans and rolls eyes*

  2. Paze

    Looking back on it, I see toilet training as a sort of last hurrah of babydom. Once they’re out of diapers, they are really and truly little children.


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