Does my phone number have a “call me” sign taped to its back? Three telemarketers have interrupted me so far this evening since I sat down to work.

In other news, I have 678 words of a preface written. Most of them are good. I feel like I’m missing something meaningful, but most of my overbrain considers this a symptom of exhaustion.

3 thoughts on “Gnash

  1. jan

    There’s a “No Call List” that you can be registered with. I will dig out the details for you. I registered back when I was working from home and it decreased the telemarketing calls from ‘often’ to ‘almost never’. Except for Sears who won’t take us of their list becuase we “have a customer relationship” with them since I bought major appliences from them and gave them my phone number for delivery purposes.

  2. Phnee

    I really need to get myself on that “no call” list as well.

    My last call was amusing, though.

    Telemarketer: “Hi, I’m calling from the Journal de Montréal to offer you a great deal on subscriptions!”

    Me: “No thank you, I don’t want your paper. Please take me off your calling list.”

    TM: “You don’t want our paper?”

    Me: “No, thank you. Please take me off your list.”

    TM: “Okay. May I ask why you don’t wish to take advantage of this spectacular one-time-only offer?”

    Me: “Because I think your paper is a rag that publishes nothing worthy of reading.”

    TM: “Uh… okay… uh… have a nice day!”

    This was before I shoved a copy of the JdM in my vermicomposter, but if they ever call back (which I hope they won’t!) I can now tell them *exactly* what I think of their paper. ;)

  3. Ceri

    Ha! Good one Daphne! Next time you get someone calling you with a once-in-a-lifetime newspaper deal, “I can neither read nor write. Have a nice day” might also provoke an interesting reaction.

    The worst telemarketing call I ever got was from Sears, actually. I couldn’t get the guy off the phone and eventually had to hang up on him, I think. “But you’d be saving MONEY! Don’t you want to save MONEY?” By spending money, of course. On their products. Oi.


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