Monday Morning

I love how the quality of light changes once there’s snow on the ground. I know I’m still in the honeymoon period with winter, and I fully intend to enjoy it until I get fed up come mid-January.

That Yule thing is finally starting to feel real. I should schedule a shopping trip sometime in the next couple of weeks to pick up the few gifts on my list. Shopping for presents has never been a huge thing for me, and it’s even less so the older I get. Liam is covered, most parental unit gifts are orderable on-line internet, and HRH and I tend to blank out on gifts for one another no matter what the occasion, so we’ve reached a point where we don’t stress about it. Don’t misunderstand me: scoring the perfect gift for the spouse is awesome, and when we can we do it, but generally money or circumstances or lack of inspiration lead us to not-gifting one another. It’s okay by us. We have more fun decorating and cooking anyhow.

The winter boots and the ski jacket we introduced this morning are cool in Liam’s books. Also, the new winter hat I got him (sort of a blue corduroy ball cap lined in mock shearling with earflaps that velcro under the chin so that he can’t pull it off) is a big hit. He won’t keep mittens on to save his life either, so I’m going to get a metre of polar fleece and sew two long rectangle sock-like things to pull up all the way over his arms, possibly with a strip on each of them to tie them together behind his back to further foil his Houdini inclinations. The ski jacket is part of a two-piece snowsuit, which will be great for playing but for car trips is really excessive; the problem is, the ski jacket on its own is a bit short for the trips between the house and the car. Sometimes it feels like there is no way to win, but as this snowsuit was secondhand I’m not complaining. I’ll keep my eyes open for a longer winter coat, but at least it isn’t pressing.

New words so far today: “window” and “camera”. We’re working on “snowman”. And the boy has decided that pulling a scarf on (anyone’s scarf, which means I see him draping my lace one around his neck sometimes) and holding out a pair of someone’s gloves for them to put on is a good way to tell us that it’s time to go out.

Nixie has taken to curling up on my desk just to the left of my keyboard, with her head on the corner. Good company for the last day of tweaking ESTC. (Insert nail-biting here.)

7 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. ladyofthelake

    Walmart – mits for 3.96$ They come with a string attached for our little guys.

    I knotted the string midway to make it tighter and thus less mittens being taken off.

    3.96$ Not expensive, Hot Paws – they don’t soak up water/snow like the fleece ones do.

    And they fit chubby hands!

    I bought a pair yesterday!

  2. Owldaughter Post author

    All the mitts we’ve had so far have had strings, and I’ve knotted them too — it doesn’t slow him down. I picked up a pair of Hot Paws at Winners for him last week and I love them, but they’re a pain to get on his hands; I might have to try a larger size. It’s frustrating that it takes me four minutes to get them on his hands, and it takes him two seconds to slip them off! He’s a real Hand Houdini.

  3. Phnee

    For a while my mother used to baste my mittens in place when I was little. I would pull them off all the time, and even if they had “idiot strings” it meant my hands were always bright red. So out came the needle and thread, and I got literally sewed into my snowsuit.


  4. ladyofthelake

    That gave me an idea…Kyle has clips/snaps (whatever you want to call them) on each side of his sleeve. Then he has this huge cover to hide his hands/mittens within them. Maybe you want to try that or zippers? Don’t tell me your son can undo zippers without a thumb available! :)

  5. Owldaughter Post author

    He hasn’t attempted zippers yet, no. The whole cover idea was kind of what I was going for with the sock-like things pulled up over his arms in the coat sleeves. Although the darn boy wore his mittens the entire time he was out with his caregiver yesterday, and didn’t pull them off once. So maybe it’s me!


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