Anniversary Joy

The boy will wake up from his (blessedly long) nap any moment, but I absolutely had to take a second to tell you what HRH got for me as an anniversary present:

A big red metal toolbox, with a full set of new tools, all for my very own.


See, my toolbox has been one of those marital points of contention. I had a fully stocked kit when we got married. And I used it regularly. (This is just one of the many things that makes me so darn cool. Did you know that until he went out and bought himself a cordless DeWalt for this job, I owned the only drill in the house?) Over the past seven years, my toolkit has been slowly eroding as HRH “borrows” this and “uses” that and it gets left somewhere… And having been raised by my father, who insisted that every tool I used was placed back exactly where it came from promptly after use — well, I get snarly when I have something I need my tools to do, and I go to my toolkit, and what I need isn’t there, and in fact cannot be found anywhere.

So HRH said he was sorry in a magnificent way by giving me this kit (it has three sets of screwdrivers! each a different size! and he won’t borrow any of it because he has his full kit downstairs!).

Plus I got roses, too. I love the juxtaposition of roses and tools. It says so much about me.

“I don’t know who is cooler,” said Ceri to him when she found out, “you or your wife.”

I got him the three original theatrical Star Wars films on DVD, so he definitely wins the Coolest Gift award this year. (Not that we try to top one another; in fact, most years we don’t buy each other anything at all, or even do anything to celebrate at that.) But HRH claims that no anniversary gift from either of us will ever top the X-box I gave him two years ago, with an extra controller so that we could game together. He’s probably right.

And thank you for you good wishes yesterday, everyone, posted here and emailed privately!

6 thoughts on “Anniversary Joy

  1. scarlet

    That really is COOL! Hehe… like when Mark got me a sword for Valentine’s Day. People were all confused that he did that and not get me roses… but I loved it WAY more than roses!!! It is still next to my bed.

  2. Karine

    You are both really cool — you for not only owning tools but actually knowing how to use them and doing so, and him for being a wonderful husband who knew exactly what to give you.

    And I’m with you on the tool thing — I may not have had the only drill in the house and more tools than Adam when we got married, but my tool collection was bigger than most women’s, and I’m better versed in the use of them than several men I know. I still remember the Christmas I got my drill at — my mom asked both my brother and I what we wanted and on our list was a drill for me, and a cake mixer for my brother. Amused the heck out of my mother, who informed each sibling of the gift request. So I got my drill from my brother, and he got a cake mixer from me.

  3. Tigerlily :)

    Happy Anniversary. How funny that I asked for a jigsaw for my present last year. I love to build stuff. I suppose keeping my hands busy keeps me out of trouble LOL. I built a screen door out of wood for our house, and if it comes in a box that I can put together, I always jump on it screaming, “Me, me, me!!!”

    Our whole family loves to play games, and I’m not sure who loves it the most. I find going out and battling monsters and solving puzzles/mazes to be awesome stress relief. I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Zelda coming out in December now (for Gamecube). It’s actually something we all get into, as whoever isn’t playing, is watching and coaching, “Go here, try this, that, etc.”

  4. Ceri

    Oooh! New Zelda! With the lower initial cost of the Wii, and the fact that you can probably buy most of the Zelda games for it (you’ll be able to download them), that’s the second-gen console I want first (I won’t say anything about Scott, likely he wants a 360). One of the joys of having the new gameboys (GBA and DS) has been buying new Zelda games for them.


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