Life Is Determined To Unhinge Me

Yes, because an unstable hard drive threatening failure is precisely what I need right now.

Blade, if you could stop by tonight, I’d really appreciate it. I’ve done all I can without your expertise. (I’m probably blowing my chances of a third-degree Geek Cord by calling in a friend, but a hard drive is a hard drive, not a card or a peripheral.)

I’m going to go back up while I can. Then I think I’ll go cry, then beat something up.

ETA: Hang on — it’s my back-up drive that’s had the biscuit. It’s not even registering as being on the computer. Still not good, of course, but at least it’s not the end of the world, either. I’m going to back up to CDs, because I don’t trust anything today. Blade, it still wouldn’t hurt for you to come scowl at it.

3 thoughts on “Life Is Determined To Unhinge Me

  1. Ceri

    *phew* Well, at least it’s the backup drive and not something more critical. *sends good computer vibes your way* CD backups are good.

  2. Jan

    I’ve got at least one spare hard drive lying about (since I started dismantelling hte computer that used to be my firewall) I’m not sure how big it is, but you’re welcome to it if it’s big enough/any good. This will give me an excuse to dismantle said computer the rest of the way, dispose of the rest of the parts, and *hurrah* one less box in our basement.

  3. Owldaughter Post author

    Theoretically my backup drive is just that — a place for me to dump backups instead of using CDs. It’s not crucial. It’s probably something like a cat hair, or the cables. I appreciate the offer, though, and I’ll let you now. It doesn’t have to be very big; I don’t mirror the whole computer onto it, just my documents and such.


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