Criticise This

It occurred to me on the way home from dropping Liam off to play with his Auntie Pasley that my inner critic has been taking over my brain for the past three weeks. It’s been scraping away at my spirituality (why do I bother?), my writing (I have a book coming out in a month, so of course now I’m waking up at night desperately wishing I’d left something out, or included something else, or said something differently), and my music (I’ve been tame in how I’ve expressed myself here over the past few days to protect audience and fellow bandmates from my self-loathing). I’m surprised it hasn’t told me that I’m a bad mother yet, because Liam’s not napping as long as he should and waking up at night.

But you know what? My inner critic can go take a long walk off a short pier.

We now return me to my regular scheduled programming. I’m passably good at some of what I do, really good at most of it, and I enjoy myself. So my inner critic can just go hang out with the bottom feeders in the cold murky muddy depths of the seaway.

4 thoughts on “Criticise This

  1. Talyesin

    Ah, dear old Shithead. Where would we be without Shithead?

    Well, we wouldn’t be artists, for one thing.


    You ARE really good at most of what you do, and better than you think at the rest. There are many things at which you are exceptional. I don’t know of anything you do only ‘passably’ well.

    Well, except math, you’re abysmal at that. But you’re EXCEPTIONALLY abysmal.


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