Sewing List

Tonight I pick up the sewing machine that Debra is lending me, so I’ve been going through my bookmarks and notes on all the things I have to sew this upcoming summer. I have at least two robes that I know of, a handfasting dress, severe alteration to do on another robe (HRH has lost over 60 lbs, after all), various doll dresses, and of course I’m dreaming about Hallowe’en as well. With this book out of the way, I now have a life once again, and I’ve been wistfully wishing I had the opportunity to get crafty recently. (No pun intended, I swear.)

I’ve also been meaning to make proper curtains for the front window. And Ceri‘s been threatening to get me to make a quilt, which has always been a mild interest of mine, just not a pressing one.

I’m quite happy about all of this. I go on sewing sprees where I sew madly for about ten months, then can’t stand the sight of a sewing machine or fabric for a while. Since my machine started giving me grief two years ago while I made the Arwen riding dress for Hallowe’en, I haven’t really had a good sewing spree. I’m looking forward to it.

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