Daily Archives: August 22, 2010

Post-Move Point Form Update

Moved. Not dead. At times we wish we were, though; so tired. But if we were dead then we wouldn’t be able to enjoy this lovely little house. It is very cottagey, what with its wooden walls here and there and that sort of colour palette and so forth.

The place is in that half-unpacked state where you know you saw something somewhere but it’s gone, you’re missing a box marked for one room that is not in that room, and boxes boxes boxes everywhere. Apart from that, unpacking is vastly preferable to packing because you’re expanding to fill space, as opposed to trying to cram things into cubes.

Our moving teams was composed of aces, as usual. They got us moved safely, quickly, and in good humour, bless them.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for not raining on us till we were done. The few refreshing drops that did fall here and there were welcome.

Holy crow, the basement is cool. We need to put the feather duvet back on the bed.

The cats are all fine.

The bathtub gets a double thumbs up from me. It’s deeper and longer and wider than our last one. Awesome hot bath last night.

That whole “I won’t go grocery shopping till after we moved so we move less stuff” is a good idea on paper. Not so great in actual application, because hey, you have no food.

Tylenol is our friend.

That’s all I’ve got now. I’d just be belabouring the “boxes everywhere” thing. But we’re here, and all in relatively good moods, and now it’s just hacking away at the boxes bit by bit.