Daily Archives: August 18, 2010

Cosmic Shift

So somehow, without me poking at things, the LJ feed of my blog began to work again, although Karine and I both tested the Google Reader feed and it’s still dead. [ETA: No! IT WORKS NOW TOO! That means the feed in general is working again, somehow!] Feed aggregators originally choked on the weird error message that appears at the top of the template and I couldn’t eradicate no matter what I did, and I effectively fell of the face of the earth for people relying on those readers. So at least my adoring LJ public will again read the scintillating minutiae of my life, which I am sure they are terribly excited about.

Seriously, I did nothing. I bashed at this problem for so long back when the WP upgrade broke things, and gave up. Some sort of cosmic shift must have occurred overnight. Of course, that means it might vanish again at any time but I’m thankful for what I can get right now.

If you read Owls’ Court via RSS feed on LJ, please remember that it’s a feed and I don’t get notification of comments on it. I’ll try to remember to check, though.


There is no error message at the top any more. The footer is in the right place. Everything is displaying like it’s supposed to.

I am absolutely flummoxed. What, was I hacked in order to be fixed or something? I worked to find the problem for months and gave up for two years, and now everything suddenly mysteriously works?

I’m taking what I can get. Thank you, universe.

Hey, can people who usually can’t comment because the comment box doesn’t show up try leaving a few words, please? If the weird there/not-there comment box problem is gone too, then I have some serious libations to pour for whichever god is in charge of my blog and software.