Daily Archives: April 8, 2010

Eve Of Departure

I’m mostly packed for my trip. Just waiting for my cell phone to finish charging so I can pack that charger, and tomorrow morning I’ll throw the last of the hair stuff and cleanser and so forth into the suitcase. I’ve mended the skirt I’ll wear, found socks that match it, and will cheerfully wear my non-matching burgundy shoes. (They’ll match my satchel, though.) I have a sweater for the train in case it’s cold. (Who am I kidding, I’m always cold.)

I am missing snacks (my original plan was to pop out to the grocery store when the boys get home, but I am tired enough that I may ask HRH to get them on the way to his game tonight, after he takes our tax stuff to our tax guy), but I have games, reading material, a very full iPod, and I even have my DS (had to blow the dust off it). It’s only a four and a half hour trip, after all, even though my brain keeps telling me that it’s five and a half; I think it’s taking the five-hour trip home and mashing it up with the four and a half hour trip there, just to scare me. I am not, as some have asked, taking my cello with me, because the last time I put a cello on the train I got it back at the other end with a big dent punched in the bottom of the case. No, thank you.

We are getting up very early tomorrow morning, as my train leaves just before seven AM. The train has WiFi (free, apparently, because their service isn’t guaranteed at the moment, so I get what I get), so I may natter via Twitter or show up online in various places. The goal is to catch the 11:43 GO train, but with only twenty minutes between the VIA arrival and the GO departure, assuming everything is on time… well, let’s just say I am expecting to miss it and catch the next one. That’s fine; I will get an expensive latte or steamed milk and sit down to watch the funny people walk past in the train station.

It has been years since I travelled anywhere on my own. Almost exactly five years, actually. Five years minus six weeks.

Today with Emily’s help I tested the new webcam and it works! There was a moment where there was no sound, but that is because my webcam and its built-in mic show up as two different things, and both need to be formally recognised. I’ve fixed it in my Preferences, and all shall be well. If it works in iChat it shall work in Skype. I’ll install the second one at the other end tomorrow afternoon and we shall see what happens.

One more sleep.