Daily Archives: February 4, 2009

In Which She Gets All The Fangirly Squealing Out Of Her System

After convincing myself that I was professional and could handle this interview (have I mentioned that I’ve never formally interviewed anyone? I’m usually the one being interviewed, which is why I thought there were other people who could have handled it better) I knew I wouldn’t melt into a fangirly puddle of goo when I shook Neil Gaiman’s hand. I’ve met and worked with enough big-name authors to know they’re just real people.

(But none as big as Neil! squeals the inner fangirl. Shut up, says my professional side.)

So after I got home and put Liam to bed last night, I casually wrote the journal post revealing what the Cool Assignment had been, and just as casually entered updated my Facebook status to Autumn is home again after having tea with Neil Gaiman.

I have escaped the fangirlyness! I thought.

But Tamu just sent me this message:

I put this on your Facebook Wall because you are teh Awesomest(est): http://twitter.com/neilhimself/status/1174685697

Inner Fangirl: OMG, Neil Gaiman totally mentioned me by name on Twitter!


I suspect I will publish a post of interview outtakes here — you know, all the stuff that doesn’t need to be included in the animation-specific interview to be posted at fps. Stuff like about our families and other books and things. And yes, I will cobble together a what-it-was-like post over the day, too, because everyone wants to know.