Daily Archives: February 12, 2003


Drumroll, please….

(Ah. The equivalent here at the Owlyblog is a Busby Berkley-type tap dance performed by tiny sugar-high owls. It’s going to be one of those days, I can tell.)


Owldaughter.org is now up and running.

“Up and running” means functional to the extent that I’ve been able to design and create the basic pages, link them all together, and get the image to actually show, after figuring out the correct paths and directories this morning. As time goes on, I’ll start filling in the pages. The elementary structure is there, however, and I’m terribly, terribly impressed with myself, as I didn’t know a thing about HTML a year ago today.

So, yay me! Pass me a marzipan mouse!

Owly Anniversary!

Happy Owlyblog anniversary to we,
Happy Owlyblog anniversary to we!
Happy Owlyversary, Happy Owlyversary,
Happy Owlyversary to we!

One whole year of the Owlyblog! You should see the ever-present multitude of little owls reeling around over here wearing party hats, overdosing on marzipan mice and Vanilla Coke. Amusing, really.