Daily Archives: February 1, 2003


A wonderful interview experience indeed at the CBC this morning! It ended up being more about alternative spirituality rather than Imbolc, but it was good nonetheless. Whenever I do an interview I�m always certain that I�m talking in circles, but both the host and the producer thanked me for expressing myself clearly and intelligently, so I must have done something right. I�ll be interested in hearing the final edit when it airs on Radio 1 Sunday morning between 8.30 and 9.00 AM.

That is, assuming the piece isn�t pre-empted by what we saw on the monitors when we walked out of the recording studio at 9.30 this morning. There�s a skeleton crew working the weekends, and with the producer monitoring my interview with the host, no one was quite sure what to do with the news of the shuttle as it came through and it seemed as if the main national news feed from Toronto hadn�t picked it up yet. I got a first-hand look at what happens in a newsroom when there�s a crisis � quick calls, calm re-evaluation of priority reporting. I also experienced the frustration that most reporters must feel: when there�s a catastrophe, people want information and answers, and there aren�t enough answers to go around. And yet, the people still demand, and the media must provide. We saw the footage of the break-up over and over as we put our coats on; this afternoon when we checked the news again I was glad to see the NASA publicity people giving frank and straight answers, being very open with their information.

It was a tragedy. For once, it was a tragedy that was a sorrow for all of mankind in our desire to explore, to broaden our horizons, rather than an event labelled as violence or aggression. I think that�s what hit me the hardest as I watched the footage for the first time at 9.45 this morning in the newsroom: every single person on this planet lost something this morning. All of us can mourn without pointing a finger, without making someone out to be the bad guy. We cannot direct our anguish, and thus, we unite in sorrow.