Daily Archives: August 7, 2002


So long! Away we go, on the road again�

Well, actually we�re on the way to bed, so we can rest up to be on the road again at three AM.

The weather for our camping weekend in Pennsylvania looks glorious � sunny to partly cloudy, with temperatures in the high twenties and night-time temperatures of mid- to low-teens. Perfect.

Alas, my lap-top has no battery, so I cannot blog whilst away. You will all just have to do without me till Monday afternoon. Which reminds me � I�d better pack a notebook and some pens so that I can work on the Great Canadian Novel, should the whim seize me.



Not only am I bruised, I am now burned.

I made a pot of ginseng green tea. I am notorious for not noticing the passage of time and leaving a cup of tea next to me for hours, so I drink tepid or cool tea a lot. Just now I picked up my mug, assuming it was cool (as it is, nine times out of ten) and took a rather large sip.


They probably won’t let me over the border. They’ll look at me and turn me back rather than risk my sudden klutziness spreading.


I’m feeling a little foolish; I caught my forearm in the fridge door as it closed yesterday and it’s all bruised today. You know, you toss it open, catch it with your foot, grab the water jug, pour a glass, lean in to put away the jug and let go of the door with your foot. Most of us do it, or a variation thereof. Normally I’d be fine. I’m still not used to this fridge, though, and the door is rather heavy. It slammed shut quicker than I’d anticipated.

Ow. That will teach me to pay attention when I get a glass of water from now on.

I’m packing for a four-day camping trip in the States today. Evidently for raingear and towels and such, we’ll have to bring an extra duffel bag, since my smallish one is full of a polar fleece sweater, a long-sleeved top, a couple of t-shirts, a pair of extra jeans, a pair of shorts, socks, etc. Camping is such a toss-up when it comes to weather; do you pack light and freeze/swelter, or do you pack sensibly and carry two bags? Being the practical cover-all-bases type, I carry two bags, and end up not using half of what I brought. (If I did use it all it would either mean that the weather was swinging wildly to extremes, or that it was terribly rainy and everything got very wet.)

And am I the only person who brings books when I go camping?