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The Baby Shower, July 2 2005

Liam was born at 31 weeks, which means that the scheduled baby shower took place three weeks after he was born instead of five weeks before his birth. Organised by Pasley and hosted by Bev & John in their lovely house, we enjoyed an afternoon of family and dear friends, all celebrating the birth of our first child. It was a wonderful party, and we thank each and every one of you who attended for making our day so very special.

Ron and I are of the 'your presence is present enough' persuasion, so we tried to impress upon our guests that we didn't want gifts. Pasley managed to convince us that people would buy us gifts irregardless, and so we came up with a short list of presents that would be okay, including gift certificates to places in which we knew we'd be shopping for Liam-associated material. Most people cheerfully ignored our no-gift plea and our pathetic little list, and bought us tasteful and cool stuff like clothes and toys and books.

Part of the informal entertainment were the babies and toddlers who attended the shower. Devon, daughter of the party's organiser and granddaughter of the hosts, did her part to keep the guests happy, which included exercising them regularly.

As Chief Assistant Gift Opener, Devon also played a key role in the organisation and distribution of the shower gifts to Liam's parents.

Unbeknownst to her, she chose the perfect gift with which to start the proceedings: the Ramones onesie, given to us by two members of local bands Random Colour and Invisible. (You can see a close-up of the onesie here.)

The humour was not lost on us. We killed ourselves laughing, as did the other band members present. Other guests may have been left wondering what the heck was so funny about a onesie with a graphic on the front, but it just didn't translate well when we tried to explain it. (By the way, t! was authorised months ago to teach the baby to say "oi" and "gabba gabba hey" as soon as possible.)

Everyone was waiting with great anticipation to see this gift unveiled, and when we opened it it received a well-deserved round of spontaneous applause. Handmade by Ceri, this quilt's details and making-of story can be found on Ceri's web site.

Our friends frequently like to get together and purchase one large gift for the celebrant. In this case, we're truly glad they chose to ignore the 'no-gifts' request, because they gave us a digital camera, something we've wanted for a very, very long time.

Devon didn't quite understand why I couldn't just take the bounce seat that my in-laws had given us out of the box to show her, particularly since it looked more like a toy than the boring clothes, quilts, and cameras we'd been opening so far. We had to explain that it was in pieces, and we couldn't put it together right away.

Trying to explain a nursing pillow to Devon was beyond me, however.

My mother knitted a lovely soft cream-coloured blanket with a bow-like stitch in it for Liam. This too was admired by crafty-type guests (and those who just like pretty soft things).

This blanket has a little rhino embroidered on it. On this side, he's running and the word beneath it is "awake". On the other side, he and his little bird companion are curled up with their eyes closed, and the word is "asleep". It's one of those things that you see and coo over because it's just so well done.

Driss and Jen very fittingly gave Liam a onesie with a pirate print on it. Ron couldn't get over the little "avast!' and "walk the plank" and associated piratey graphics and sayings all over it.

All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon, with good friends, good food and drinks, and lots of love and pride. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and it was good to have an afternoon where we could relax and have fun. A tremendous thank you goes out to Pasley, Jeff, Devon, Bev and John who were the masterminds behind the event. Heartfelt thanks also go out to all the friends and family who took the time to come out and share the afternoon with us.

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