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It's All About The Bunny

Liam's very first toy was a little soft yellow velour bunny, passed on to him by my cousin Fiona. It didn't take long for him to become fascinated with it. His rapt attention to the toy prompted us to create this bunny-centered album page documenting his first month with it.

The bunny had watched over Liam in his isolette and his bassinet at the hospital...

... and it sat right by him on his first ever ride in his car seat to his new home.

The bunny slept with Liam in his AmbyBaby suspension bed....

...and the bunny gave Liam kisses in his Moses basket where he lay while his mum worked hard to finish her third book (and I swear this one wasn't posed; the bunny fell over this way).

The bunny was there when Liam tried out his new bounce seat, too.

The bunny became eclipsed by other toys as Liam's awareness and dexterity grew, but it still sits on the headboard of our bed for him to play with when he comes to snuggle with us.

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